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Swiss tech giant Buhler India to invest ₹200 cr for major manufacturing expansion


Swiss technology firm Bühler India is set to invest ₹200 crore in the next 2 to 3 years to bolster its manufacturing capabilities in India.

The company, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, aims to commence the production of essential product lines catering to the grain milling, food, feed and advanced materials sectors, serving both the domestic and international markets.

In addition to its core product offerings, Bühler India plans to expand into the feed and advanced materials industries. Johannes Wick, CEO of Grains and Food at Bühler Group, stated, “With these new solutions produced in India, customers will benefit in multiple ways: shorter delivery times, increased supply chain efficiency, and an improved CO2 e-footprint for their equipment.”

Bühler India currently occupies a 32,000-square-metre facility in Bengaluru, housing the company’s headquarters, a manufacturing centre, and an Application and Training Centre (ATC) that caters to various industrial applications.


Moreover, the company has initiated the production of the Square Plansifter Areniter MPAV, a critical component in the flour production process used for sifting and sorting grist and flour in wheat, rye, maize, and durum mills. Other essential machines like purifiers and roller mills are also in the pipeline and scheduled for release to customers in 2024.

Speaking to Businessline Prashant Gokhale, Managing Director, Bühler India, said that in FY22, the company generated ₹600 crore from its operations in the country and is expected to grow significantly in the future too. “The expansion will accelerate new business opportunities and create new jobs while contributing solutions to address global challenges such as food security and food safety. This investment is not only about growth; it is about combining our technologies with local expertise to offer the most sustainable processes and solutions to our customers,” he added.

The growth plans also encompass investments in human capital, with approximately 300 new employees set to join the company over the next two to three years. Bühler India, which currently employs 600 individuals, manufactures top-notch grain and food processing equipment for customers within India and abroad.

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