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Hosmat Hospital opens its third centre in Bangalore


Hosmat Hospital has opened its third facility, called the Hosmat Speciality Hospital, in Bengaluru.

The new facility will have seven operations theatres, and it will cater to all surgical specialities, with a Centre of Excellence for orthopaedics and ortho sub-specialities, such as joint replacement, accident and injuries, sports injuries, paediatric ortho, hand surgery and others. It will also include plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, as well as bone cancer surgery and arthritis.

The third hospital will have 20 qualified full-time, and 15 experienced visiting orthopaedic consultants, neurosurgeons, plastic, and microvascular surgeons, and anaesthetists. Overall, it will have over 75 consultants in all medical and surgical specialities, in addition to orthopaedics.

Hosmat, which is a group of orthopaedic hospitals, has three hospitals and seven orthopaedic sub-specialities. The chain has 550 beds and 28 operation theatres. Founded in 1993 by Dr Thomas Chandy, Hosmat stands for Hospital for Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine, Arthritis and Accident Trauma. The first hospital was started in 1993 and the second center in January 2022.

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