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MF equity inflows hit a 5-month high on fall in market valuation


Inflows into equity schemes have hit a 5-month high of ₹20,246 crore in August against ₹7,626 crore in July as investors pumped in more money with marginal fall in equity valuations.

Moreover, six new fund offers had raised ₹5,002 crore through equity schemes last month, according to the Association of Mutual Funds in India data released on Monday.

Small-cap funds registered an inflow for the eleventh month in a row and attracted investment of ₹4,265 crore against ₹4,171 crore in July despite some of the fund houses restricting inflows due to concern on high valuations.

Large-cap, focused and ELSS funds have recorded an outflow of ₹349 crore (₹1,880 crore outflow), ₹471 crore (₹1,067 crore outflow) and ₹27 crore (₹592 crore outflow).

Of the ₹17,082 crore inflow into hybrid schemes, arbitrage and dynamic asset allocation funds recorded an inflow of ₹9,483 crore (₹10,075 crore) and ₹3,616 crore (₹419 crore).

Bellwether Sensex was down 1,697 points last month at 64,831 points against 66,527 in July.

Multi-cap route

Anand Vardarajan, Business Head, Tata Asset Management said investors are increasingly favouring the multi-cap route, signalling a shift in market dynamics while arbitrage category is also attracting strong inflows due to its tax efficiency.

New record

Systematic investment plan set a new record on all the front. Inflows hit a new high at ₹15,814 crore (₹15,245 crore). New SIP accounts opened and discontinued was also at a high of 35.91 lakh and 19.58 lakh while SIP AUM set a new record at ₹8.47 lakh crore (₹8.32 lakh crore).

NS Venkatesh, CEO, AMFI said retail investors continue to invest in the equity markets through small ticket SIPs for building long-term wealth even as the industry continues to work to achieve ₹100 trillion in AUM over the next few years.

Overall, asset under management of the mutual fund industry hit a new high of ₹46.63 lakh crore (₹46.37 lakh crore).

Passive gold funds attracted a huge inflow of ₹1,028 crore for the first time in 16 months as the yellow metal prices softened.

Melvyn Santarita, Analyst-Manager Research, Morningstar India said gold prices in the recent times have come-off from its all-time high levels, thereby providing some buying opportunity, particularly after a sharp rally it witnessed since March this year, he said.

Debt funds saw an outflow of ₹25,872 crore largely due to liquid funds registering a withdrawal of ₹26,824 crore partially to make up for incremental Cash Reserve Ratio set by RBI.

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