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GRC Welcomes TotalEnergies Fluids DC Cooling BioLife to its ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program


GRC Welcomes TotalEnergies Fluids DC Cooling BioLife to its ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program

GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), the global leader in immersion cooling for data centers, announced today that the Special Fluids division of global multi-energy company TotalEnergies has joined GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, a platform for collaboration to advance the performance and environmental footprint of single-phase immersion cooling fluids.

GRC’s ElectroSafe range of liquid coolants is available globally and deployed with GRC immersion cooling systems in twenty-two countries. The range provides a broad spectrum of high-performance, earth-friendly, synthetic coolants that have undergone a thorough testing process. Under the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, TotalEnergies Fluids and GRC will jointly evaluate and gather fluid test data through a proprietary protocol to optimize material compatibility, safety, and thermal performance. This will provide GRC’s customers around the world with an expanded range of trusted fluids for their unique data center requirements.

TotalEnergies Fluids is proud to join GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program and expand its presence in the data center immersion cooling space,” said Dominique Vincent, VP Special Fluids. “Our DC Cooling BioLife is the first biosourced, biodegradable, and high- performance dielectric fluid specifically designed for immersion cooling. It exhibits one of the lowest viscosities in the market and fully contributes to our ambition of commercializing 30% low carbon solvents by 2030.”

As a member of the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, TotalEnergies Fluids will provide its sustainability focused BioLife Immersion Cooling Fluids. BioLife coolants are manufactured from 100% traceable feedstocks coming from the circular economy and certified by ISCC PLUS. Biosourced fluids deliver incomparable environmental benefits, with a significantly lower carbon footprint than fluids from fossil or synthetic hydrocarbons and no compromise on efficiency. They deliver excellent thermal management performance, with very low viscosity, high fluid stability for enhanced safety, and strong electrical component compatibility.

“TotalEnergies Fluids provides an excellent addition to our family of ElectroSafe coolants,” said Ben Smith, Chief Product Officer at GRC. “BioLife’s focus on environmental friendliness enables our most sustainability-focused customers to obtain the advanced data center performance they require without compromising on their commitment to reducing drastically the carbon footprint of their data center operations.” 


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