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Tineco’s 180 ° innovation: the new FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 with HyperStretch technology


Tineco’s 180 ° innovation: the new FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 with HyperStretch technology

Tineco updates its ecosystem with a new model: the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6. This floor washer and vacuum cleaner has a unique peculiarity: it is able to bend at 180 ° degrees, so as to reach any surface, whether it is cleaning under a piece of furniture, than in a hidden corner of the house.

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies, including the iLoop Smart Sensor, the MHCBS self-cleaning system and the bag cells (pouch cells), Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 has considerable and improved 40 minute autonomy.

The new HyperStretch technology

Thanks to HyperStretch technology, the device can tilt up to 180 ° without compromising the suction power, allowing easy maneuverability under the furniture and reaching narrow spaces, where dust and crumbs are used to hiding.

Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 has a renewed design: the clean water tank is positioned above the brush, and has a height of only 13 cm when it is completely stretched out. In addition, Tineco’s new three-chamber dirty water separation system effectively distinguishes solids, liquids and air, insulating dirt to protect the engine and maintaining maximum cleaning power even in a horizontal position.

The brush, moreover, thanks to even thinner edges on the three sides is able to adapt to any angle and recess, forming a perfect combination with the feature HyperStretch of the new Tineco.

A smart device

FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is able to perform a self-cleaning in two minutes from the tube to the brush, thanks to the use of fresh water at 70 ℃. After this step, it follows a 5 minute drying at 70 ° C, which leaves no trace of water. The brush roller rotates in both directions to make it softer and drier, thus also reducing the risk of odors.

FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 inherits all smart features of previous models: MHCBS technologybag cells is iLoop sensor. Thanks to the first technology, the Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 roller is always clean, thus ensuring constant cleaning of the floors, which remain free of strips and residues. The technology includes a floating scraper that effectively removes dirt, preventing dirty water from leaving stains on the floor.

The pouch cells – or bag cells – offer numerous advantages over traditional batteries, including one greater energy efficiencya prolonged lifespan of up to three times and one significant reduction of the environmental impact.

Thanks to the iLoop sensor, FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 adapts the suction power according to the dirt present, ensuring effective cleaning and a reduction in battery waste. Thanks to one battery powered, Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 Stretch boasts an autonomy of 40 minutes, even after multiple uses.

Prices and availability

Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 Stretch can be purchased from Amazon and from official website of Tineco starting now at the price of 599.00 €.


Tineco was founded in 1998 with the launch of its first vacuum cleaner, since then it has driven innovation in the category of smart appliances. Tineco is dedicated to the design of quality, useful, easy to use and smart home electronic products. With the PURE ONE vacuum cleaner range and the introduction of the first line of washer vacuum cleaners/smart dries on the market – the FLOOR ONE – Tineco series has quickly become a leading company in the category of smart appliances.

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