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SCREEN Launches High-Density SU Ink For Uncoated Papers Used By Truepress JET 520HD Mono


SCREEN Launches High-Density SU Ink For Uncoated Papers Used By Truepress JET 520HD Mono

It has developed this advanced black ink specifically for use with the various uncoated papers handled by its high-speed, roll-fed Truepress JET 520HD mono inkjet system.

SCREEN initially released its Truepress JET 520HD mono and Truepress ink SC range (SC inks) as a set in 2020. All-purpose SC inks can be used for printing on many different papers, including coated, IJ-treated, and uncoated/untreated. Today, the press is also able to meet a variety of needs in the monochrome printing segment thanks to its combination with SCREEN’s new and improved Truepress ink SC+ (SC+ inks).

Demand for monochrome printing continues to be strongest in the publishing market and this is creating increasing opportunities for high-speed, roll-fed digital inkjet presses such as those in SCREEN GA’s Truepress JET series. However, it is also creating a growing requirement for print quality that is optimal for uncoated papers.

In response to this trend, SCREEN has narrowed its focus to target printing on these uncoated papers. It has been consistently working to develop new inks that deliver sharper, higher density output of text with minimal blurring while also maintaining low ink consumption.

From now on, users of Truepress JET 520HD mono systems will be able to select between SC+ inks, suitable for variety of papers, and SU ink, delivers superior-quality printing on uncoated papers. This will give users greater flexibility in meeting the individual quality requirements for different monochrome materials.

With these advances, SCREEN will offer its customers the next generation of printing production systems by combining the convenience and productivity of high-speed, roll-fed digital inkjet presses, compatibility with digital workflows and the ability to select inks that deliver higher quality.

SCREEN plans to exhibit a fully functional model of its Truepress JET 520HD mono system, along with samples printed using its new SU ink, at drupa 2024. The show is scheduled to be held from May 28 (Tue) to June 7 (Fri) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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